Josephine Von Dohlen picture
Josephine Von Dohlen
Jennifer Lessnau picture
Jennifer Lessnau
Erin Gries picture
Erin Gries
Vice President
Mairead Cooper picture
Mairead Cooper
Aubrey Brown picture
Aubrey Brown
Domine Clemons picture
Domine Clemons
Member Educator
Lily Splawn picture
Lily Splawn
Panhellenic Delegate
Alex Nester picture
Alex Nester
Personnel Chair
Kathleen Russo picture
Kathleen Russo
Recruitment Chair
Elizabeth Lewis picture
Elizabeth Lewis
Director of Career Development
Lucy Meckler picture
Lucy Meckler
Director of Campus Activities
Haley Hauprich picture
Haley Hauprich
Director of Friendship/Social
Lucile Townley picture
Lucile Townley
Director of Sisterhood
Monica Toohey picture
Monica Toohey
Foundation Ambassador
Fiona Kelly picture
Fiona Kelly
Facility Manager
Carol Beck picture
Carol Beck
Recruitment Team Member
Georgine Hayes picture
Georgine Hayes
Community Services Advisor
Margaret Czuchaj picture
Margaret Czuchaj
Community Services Advisor
Kelly Lantis picture
Kelly Lantis
Financial Advisor
Carol Beck picture
Carol Beck
Forms and Records Advisor
Lauren Sawyer picture
Lauren Sawyer
Marketing Advisor
Jackie Sullivan picture
Jackie Sullivan
Other Advisor
Gina Geromel picture
Gina Geromel
New Member Advisor
Yvonne Boatman picture
Yvonne Boatman
Panhellenic Advisor
Gail Mowry picture
Gail Mowry
Personnel Advisor
Leslie Tonnies picture
Leslie Tonnies
Personnel Advisor
Carolynn Branchick picture
Carolynn Branchick
Recruitment Advisor
Carolynn Branchick picture
Carolynn Branchick
Recruitment Information Form Advisor
Lee Baron picture
Lee Baron
Sisterhood Advisor
Kelly Sparrow picture
Kelly Sparrow
Scholarship Advisor